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Steady Successful Socials

Pricing for my social media services is as unique as your business.My approach is to first deeply understand your specific needs, market dynamics, and competitive landscape. This allows me to craft a personalized social media strategy that aligns with your objectives and budget.

By avoiding a one-size-fits-all pricing model, I ensure that you invest in only what's necessary to achieve your specific goals, making my services cost-effective and value-driven. Specializing in Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn, my tailored approach ensures flexibility and scalability, allowing my services to not only meet your current needs but also adapt to your growth over time

Discovery Phase 

​Your journey begins with the in-depth discovery phase. It's an investment in understanding your competitive landscape, audience preferences, and setting the stage for authentic engagement.

  • Social Media Audit: A deep dive into your current presence.

  • Competitor Analysis: Uncover what competitors are doing right (and wrong).

  • SEO & Trend Analysis: Align your content strategy with the latest trends.

  • Audience Profiling: Get to know your audience on a deeper level.

  • Key Platform Identification: Identify where your brand should shine.

  • Strategy Development: Craft a strategy tailored specifically to your goals.

  • 5 Complimentary Canva Templates: Jumpstart your content with professional designs.

    Choose Your Path: Armed with insights, you decide how to proceed—apply the strategy on your own or collaborate with me for tailored support.

One time investment of $350

Low Intensity Socials

Starting with a Low-Intensity Strategy allows us to lay a solid foundation, focusing on organic growth and engagement to truly understand your audience. This period of growth and learning is crucial for refining our strategy based on real insights and performance data.

  • Custom Content Creation: Monthly content that aligns with your brand voice and audience interests.

  • Engagement & Community Building: Foster meaningful interactions to build a loyal audience.

  • Organic Growth Focus: Grow your presence naturally, laying a strong foundation.

  • Strategy Refinement: Evolve your strategy based on analytics and insights.

Starting at $500 per month

minimalist phone with hearts hovering over it .jpg

High Intensity Socials

As we gain momentum, the goal is to seamlessly transition to a High-Intensity Strategy. This natural progression ensures that when we amplify our efforts, it's with precision and purpose—leveraging deeper insights, broader content, and more aggressive engagement tactics to scale your presence effectively

  • Bi-Weekly Trend Content: Stay on the pulse of current trends with more frequent, engaging content.

  • Dynamic Engagement: Amplify your interaction with advanced engagement strategies.

  • Strategic Partnerships & Campaigns: Leverage collaborations for broader reach and impact

Starting at $1000 per month

Client W0rk

Featuring original concepts, photography, graphic design and video editing. 

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